Connecting Cops & Kids

PAL is dedicated to fostering a culture of trust and respect between the community and law enforcement through supporting innovative programs and engagement opportunities.

supporting police community engagement since 1985

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Introducing PAL of Massachusetts

who we are

PAL is a committed partner in building positive relationships between the community and the police.

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We believe peace starts in the streets

PAL is an independent nonprofit organization that was founded to address the need for improved relationships between law enforcement and their communities. 

For nearly 40 years, PAL has witnessed the profound benefits of creating connections between law enforcement officers and young people. Through a range of programs and opportunities, we aim to steer youth toward a positive and fulfilling path in life.

Looking ahead, we are focused on expanding our reach and impact, and continuing to fulfill our mission through initiatives that promote character development, improve educational outcomes, and provide opportunities for equity.

We aspire to be a model of collaborative policing, inspiring change across Massachusetts.

what we do

PAL collaborates with the law enforcement community to develop and implement programs aimed at enriching youth and strengthening community.

build Partnerships

PAL supports effective community policing with law enforcement agencies and funds meaningful engagement with youth and families.

Create Opportunity

We support the development and implementation of programs that enhance the quality of engagement and provide access to enrichment experiences for our most vulnerable populations who are striving for equity, respect, and inclusion.

Advocate for Police Engagement

As a strong advocate for community policing, we are eager to work with compassionate officers and committed partners who believe in PAL’s mission and will help to create a respected model of collaborative policing.

community policing

Working Together

Community policing is a widely accepted philosophy in which law enforcement and the community work together to address issues of crime, disorder, and safety, with the shared aim of enhancing the quality of life for all members of the community.

Building Trust

An essential component of the community engagement strategy involves fostering trust and connection with youth through a range of athletic, educational, cultural, and social activities, offered in a safe and respectful environment, aimed at building mutual trust.

MSP Unity Basketball League

The spring, the Unity Basketball League (UBL) Championship Finals were held at the prestigious Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield. The finals celebrated the achievements of top teams from Chicopee, Worcester, North Quincy, Brookline, Bourne, and Barnstable, showcasing the talent and hard work of these young athletes. The league’s success highlights the importance of community engagement and the positive impact of bringing together youth and law enforcement through sports.

Through the UBL, kids from high school and middle school learn to work together, communicate effectively, and be good teammates—skills that extend beyond the basketball court into their everyday lives.

our impact

More Than Numbers

PAL strives to enhance youth engagement to cultivate essential life skills and competencies that enable youth to realize their full potential. We create opportunities for every demographic of our communities to interact with law enforcement and first responders in a positive and constructive manner, this includes fostering confidence, responsibility, empathy, and honesty, as well as building conflict, leadership, and social skills. 

We measure success by evaluating the impact of our engagement support on youth development and community well-being. Positive outcomes, as indicated by pre and post-program surveys, demonstrate that police mentorship initiatives enhance social and emotional skills, educational achievement, aspirations, positive identity development, and interpersonal relationships, and reduce high-risk behaviors and involvement in the criminal justice system.


PAL is grateful for our newest supporters, The ‘Quin House and the Yawkey Foundation.  

The support from The Quin House and the Yawkey Foundation has helped expand PAL’s impact in the community.  Strong partnerships are vital for sustaining and growing programs that benefit both the youth and the broader community.

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